All appointments are booked on line.  Please be sure you book the correct service to ensure that I have enough time to provide your desired service. Last minute add ons, such as nail art or product removal may not be accommodated. Please note that a credit card is required to reserve your time.  When you book online, you are agreeing to all of the policies here and below

First Time Clients

If you are a first time client, please arrive to your appointment with bare nails or book a removal service in addition to your desired service.  If you would like nail art, please text photos of your desired designs so that I may adjust your appoint time to accommodate the artwork. If you don't request art at the time of booking, I may not be able to accommodate your request and that will make me sad.

Late Arrivals

I do my very best to respect your time by staying on schedule. Please be respectful of my time and clients scheduled after you, by arriving on time for your scheduled appointment.  If you're going to be late, the courtesy of a call or text letting me know is greatly appreciated.

5 minutes late- sit down, relax, and enjoy your service!

10 Minutes late-we may not have time for the polish or art.

15 minutes late-you will need to reschedule and will be charged for the appointment.

Schedule changes and Cancellations

The courtesy of a 24 hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will be charged 50% of the service booked. A no show will result in a fee for the entire cost of the service and future appointments will require payment in advance.


In consideration of other patrons, and to ensure you have my undivided attention, please make arrangements for your children elsewhere during your time of pampering.  

While in my Chair

In order for me to provide the best service possible I need your participation. Please observe the following while at my table:

1. Don't be cellfish! Please refrain from using your phone during your service.

2. No food. Beverages with lids are ok.

3. Face forward and relax your hands.  I'll put your hands where I need them.

4. Once I start, please don't move your hands from the table. That means no digging in your purse or pockets, running your fingers through your hair, texting or answering your phone or anything else that  could contaminate your nails. If you contaminate your nails, I will have to reprep which takes time and/or you may experience lifting.

Extra Guests

Because the nail area is relatively small, I ask that you don't bring extra people to your appointment, unless they are also being serviced. Your time is reserved exclusively for you and you deserve my undivided attention to ensure you receive the best service possible.


Preferred methods of payment are cash or card. You may leave a card on file for your convenience.  I also accept PayPal, CashApp and Zelle in the event that you do not have cash or card. I do not accept personal checks.


Per the state of California Board of Cosmetology, I am only allowed to work on normal, healthy, intact skin and nails.  It is out of my scope of practice to remove ingrown toenails.  It is also out of my scope of practice to remove calluses, or any other growth on the feet.  If you have any nails that appear to be anything other than normal and healthy, I will require a doctor's note  attesting to the health of your nails before providing any services. Additionally, Credo blades and metal files that look like cheese graters are not permitted per the CA Board of Cosmetology. I can smooth and reduce calluses, but I cannot cut or remove them.  Thank you for your understanding.  

For Your Safety

Because I care about the health and safety of my clients, I follow all California State Board of Cosmetology rules and regulations pertaining to sanitation and disinfection. All metal implements and reusable items,  are washed with antibacterial soap and water, rinsed, dried and then placed in an EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant solution that is germicidal, virucidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal and kills HIV on surfaces.

The pedicure spas are pipeless, which means no pipes for water and bacteria to collect in. I use disposable liners in the pedi tub, as well as disposable files and buffers. All reusable items are cleaned as stated above, and the pedicure chair is cleaned and disinfected after each client.

Referral and VIP Program


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