Do you work over other nail tech's work?

Because I do not know what product has been used, or the condition of the nails under the previous tech's work, I cannot guarantee my work.  It's always best to start fresh so I know the condition of the natural nails and can recommend the best product/service for you. Please arrive at your appointment with bare nails or book for removal and the service you want.

Does acrylic damage nails?

Products are not inherently damaging to your nails. Damage is caused by untrained, unskilled and uncaring nail techs who don't use proper prep, application and removal techniques. Most damage is caused by over filing with an electric file, using the wrong bit , speed and angle for the job and by forcibly removing enhancements  instead of soaking off, which is the safest method.

Why do my nails burn in the UV lamp?

There are a number of reasons your nails may burn in the curing lamp.

1. Product is applied too thickly.

2. Nail beds are over filed or damaged from improper removal.

3. Product and lamp are not compatible.

Other factors could also cause burning such as medications, previous nail injury, etc.

Is dip powder healthier for my nails.

No. No product is healthier for your nails than any other product. Dip powder is acrylic powder. The only difference is that it is much more finely milled. Dip powder can be used with monomer to create acrylic nails and traditional acrylic powder can also be used for dip services, although it requires more filing because it is not as fine.

Is Dip powder unsanitary?

Dip powder is not inherently unsanitary. The powder can't harbor bacteria, contrary to what many many questionable news sources report.

Best practices for dipping services are that your technician has you wash your hands with an antibacterial soap prior to the service and rather than dipping directly into the powder container, powder should be decanted to a smaller container and then sprinkled over the nails.  Excess powder should be discarded and not reused.

Which is better, acrylic or gel?

Neither acrylic nor hard gel are better or stronger than the other. 

Both are members of the acrylate family and share most of the same ingredients. Then difference is in he way the ingredients are combined in he lab. Both are strong, durable and beautiful.  Both come in hundreds of colors and can be sculpted on a form, used as an overlay on natural nails or applied over tips. Liquid & powder starts curing as soon as the liquid and powder are mixed. UV gel doesn't cure until its placed on the curing lamp for the appropriate amount of time.

Why do my nails lift?

There are any number of reasons nails could lift. The number one cause is poor prep of the nail plate before application of the enhancement product. Another cause is product touching the skin around the nail plate. Overfiling, nails that are too long for the nailbed, jamming nails into